"A passionate staff makes for inspired girls"

The unique educational journey of each DGC girl is moulded and transformed by the unique educational journey of her teachers. The DGC staff members are experts in their teaching areas, and are dedicated to maintaining the high standard of education that Durban Girls’ College prides itself on.

Our staff understands that every girl is unique, and so aims to offer each girl that attends our school a tailored education that develops her individuality. A passionate staff makes for inspired girls, and so our staff members enthusiastically encourage our girls to explore their interests, embrace new challenges, and strive to realise their true potential in all aspects of life.

Executive Head: Mrs Marianne Bailey Music Staff: Teaching Staff:
Head of High School: Mrs Heather Goedeke High School Music Mrs Nicola Early Mrs Sue Ausmeier
Head of Senior Primary: Ms Wendy Laatz Head of Music and Senior Primary Music Specialist Ms Dana Hadjiev Mrs Bronwen Beekman
Head of Junior Primary: Mrs Carol-Anne Conradie Junior Primary Music Mrs Sue Verster
Bursar: Mrs Jeanine Montocchio Music Administrator Mrs Trish de Jongh Mrs Dorinda Bolton
Mrs Julianne Boonzaaier
Class Teachers Head of Grade: Mrs Julie Bresler
Grade 12M Mrs Helen McCready Grade 8 Ms Jennifer Harrison Mrs Belinda Brodie
Grade 12N Mrs Megan Nicolson Grade 9 Mrs Carol-Anne Stephenson
Grade 12P Mrs Melany Potgieter Grade 10 Mrs Bronwen Beekman
Grade 12W Ms Wendy Watson Grade 11 Mrs Tiffany Thorne
Grade 11B Mrs Dorinda Bolton Grade 12 Mrs Fiona Pentecost Mrs Bev Campbell
Mrs Karen Campbell-Gillies
Grade 11H Miss Simoné Haggard Sports Department: Ms Shirley Chapman
Grade 11C Mrs Karen Campbell Gillies High School Ms Bell Meek Mrs Dale Charter
Mrs Loreen Doherty-Bigara Mrs Kate Collins
Senior Primary Mrs Jacqui du Preez Mrs Lesley Coull
Grade 10E Ms Aliki Edgcumbe Junior Primary Ms Wilma van Niekerk Mrs Mercia de Welzen
Grade 10L Mrs Toni Landman Mrs Lesley Deg
Grade 10R Mrs Tamára Ridgway Exchange Co-Ordinator: Mrs Sue Meehan Mrs Rose Deppe (PT)
Grade 10T Mrs Tracy Taylor Mrs Loreen Doherty-Bigara
Grade 9J Mrs Carmen Jacobsz Academic Support Staff: Miss Jamie du Plessis
Grade 9H Mrs Samantha Hogan Laboratory Assistant Mr Mathew Francis Mrs Paige du Plessis
Grade 9R Mr Vikash Raghunandan School Nurse Sr Sandra Cary Mrs Jacqui du Preez
Grade 9V Ms Janet Venter Aftercare Mrs Carol Scrowther Mrs Nicola Early
Grade 8D Mrs Loreen Doherty-Bigara JP Assistant/After-Care Mrs Lavina Kast Mrs Aliki Edgcumbe
Grade 8M Mrs Zuziwe Mdladla Ms Michelle Edgcumbe
Grade 8S Mr Wayne Schwartz Subject Teachers Mrs Sarah Ferreira
Grade 8W Mrs Claire Wilkinson Mrs Sue Ausmeier Mrs Parvathy Naidu Mrs Monique Galliers-Ward
Grade 7B Mrs Julie Bresler Mrs Bronwen Beekman Ms Erin Naudé Ms Dana Hadjiev
Grade 7C Mrs Beverley Campbell Miss Anna Blanckenberg Mrs Stella Ngcobo Miss Simoné Haggard
Grade 7K Ms Claire Keyworth Ms Michelle Edgcumbe Mrs Sally Quinlan Ms Jennifer Harrison
Grade 6B Mrs Julianne Boonzaaier Ms Jennifer Harrison Mrs Carol-Anne Stephenson Mrs Tory Hathorn
Grade 6J Ms Estelle Jordaan Mrs Tory Hathorn Mrs Tiffany Thorne Mrs Samantha Hogan
Grade 5D Mrs Mercia de Welzen Mrs Anthea Large Mrs Noreen Tweddell Mrs Carmen Jacobsz
Grade 5F Mrs Sarah Ferreira Mrs Jacci Lewis Mrs Fiona Pentecost Mrs Charmaine Jansen
Grade 5T Ms Shirley Chapman Mr Gary McIver Mrs Lynne Wyatt-Minter Ms Estelle Jordaan
Grade 4C Mrs Dale Charter Mrs Sershni Naidoo Mrs Angela White Mrs Marika Kleyn
Grade 4G Mrs Monique Galliers-Ward Ms Hlengiwe Zwane Mrs Thandi Zondo Mrs Toni Landman
Grade 3B Mrs Belinda Brodie Part Time: Mrs Chantal Langley
Grade 3P Ms Tamryn Price HS Business Studies Ms Antoinette Loubser Mrs Anthea Large
Grade 2C Mrs Les Coull HS Afrikaans Ms Nadine Smith
Grade 2L Mrs Chantal Langley HS Information Technology Mr Brendan van der Merwe
Grade 1C Mrs Kate Collins HS Maths Ms Robyn McQueen
Grade 1P Mrs Paige du Plessis SP Art Ms Terri Clayton Mrs Jacci Lewis
Grade RD Miss Jamie du Plessis SP Maths Ms Leigh-Anne Holland Mrs Helen McCready
Grade RS Mrs Angela Scruby Mrs Zuziwe Mdladla
Grade 00 Mrs Lesley Deg Mr Gary McIver
Heads of Department: Ms Bell Meek
Academics Mrs Marika Kleyn
Sport Ms Bell Meek Interns: Mrs Sershni Naidoo (PT)
Senior Primary Mrs Bev Campbell High School Junior Primary Ms Parvathy Naidu
Emma Pennefather Shenae Thompson Ms Erin Naudé
Jenny Bolton Caitlyn Fisher Mrs Stella Ngcobo
IT Department: Demi Brodie Gabriela Cipriano Mrs Megan Nicolson
IT Manager Mr Denzil Curtis Senior Primary Ashleigh Wesner Mrs Fiona Pentecost
IT Technician Mr Emile Arran Khatjie Osman Mrs Melany Potgieter
IT Technician Mr Aslam Latib Kayleigh Thom
Mrs Tamára Ridgway
College House Boarding & Functions: Admin Support Staff: Mr Wayne Schwartz
College House Mother Mrs Lesley Small PA to Executive Head HS Mrs Melanie Bruwer Mrs Angela Scruby
Kitchen Staff Mrs Primrose Dyobo Reception Mrs Dalene Richards Mrs Carol-Anne Stephenson
Kitchen Staff Mr Nhlanhla Mhlongo Database Administrator Ms Tracy Sugden Mrs Tracy Taylor
Kitchen Staff Mr Samkelwe Mthambeki Admissions Ms Annabelle Nurcombe
Kitchen Staff Mrs Nwabisa Ndiki Library/Office Assistant Mrs Merci Kweyama Mrs Tiffany Thorne
Functions Assistant Mrs Doris Nonzaliseko Functions Assistant Mrs Winnie Khumalo Mrs Noreen Tweddell
Printing/Photocopying Mr Michael Khuzwayo Mr Brendan van der Merwe
Marketing: SP Admin & Teacher Mrs Silvia Grunow Mr Brendan van der Merwe
Marketing Manager Ms Kelley Litkie JP Admin Mrs Rene Bowyer Ms Janet Marie Venter
Marketing Assistant Miss Cherise Nepaul Mrs Sue Verster
Foundation Ms Kate Coleman Financial Support Staff: Ms Wendy Watson
FM & Support Staff Assistant Bursar Mrs Bianca Kearns Mrs Angela White
Facilities Manager Mr Levin Ramsamy (Broll) PA to Bursar Mrs Pamela Forde Mrs Claire Wilkinson
Creditors Ms Gorete Cipriano Mrs Lynne Wyatt-Minter (PT)
School Driver Mr Mbongeni Maphumulo Debtors Mrs Lynne Holdcroft Mrs Thandi Zondo
FM Staff Mr Michael Mngadi HR/Salaries Mrs Jeanine van Rensburg Ms Hlengiwe Zwane
FM Staff Mr Nkosi Ngibi School Messenger Mr Michael Cibane
FM Staff Mr Nkosi Mngadi
Ms Shan Adkins Ms Shan Adkins
Mr Emile Arran Mr Emile Arran
Mrs Sue Ausmeier Mrs Sue Ausmeier
Mrs Marianne Bailey Mrs Marianne Bailey
Mrs Leigh Bannister Mrs Leigh Bannister
Ms Nelia Heynecke Ms Nelia Heynecke
Mrs Bronwen Beekman Mrs Bronwen Beekman
Mrs Kathryn Beetge Mrs Kathryn Beetge
Mrs Stephanie Bennett Mrs Stephanie Bennett
(intern) Rozelle Bezuidenhout (intern) Rozelle Bezuidenhout
Mrs Leigh-Anne Honeywell Mrs Leigh-Anne Honeywell
Mrs Julianne Boonzaaier Mrs Julianne Boonzaaier
Mrs Julie Bresler Mrs Julie Bresler
Mrs Belinda Brodie Mrs Belinda Brodie
(intern) Demi Brodie (intern) Demi Brodie
Mrs Claire Brook-Hart Mrs Claire Brook-Hart
Mrs Melanie Bruwer Mrs Melanie Bruwer
Mrs Bev Campbell Mrs Bev Campbell
Mrs Karen Campbell-Gillies Mrs Karen Campbell-Gillies
Sr Sandra Cary Sr Sandra Cary
Mr Michael Cibane Mr Michael Cibane
Miss Megan Conradie Miss Megan Conradie
Mrs Carol-Anne Conradie Mrs Carol-Anne Conradie
Mrs Thandi Zondo Mrs Thandi Zondo
(intern) Hlengiwe Zwane (intern) Hlengiwe Zwane
Mrs Lesley Coull Mrs Lesley Coull
Mrs Louisa Cruickshank Mrs Louisa Cruickshank
Mr Denzil Curtis Mr Denzil Curtis
Mrs Mercia de Welzen Mrs Mercia de Welzen
Mrs Lesley Deg Mrs Lesley Deg
(intern) Kayla Dellar (intern) Kayla Dellar
Mrs Rose Deppe Mrs Rose Deppe
Mrs Loreen Doherty-Bigara Mrs Loreen Doherty-Bigara
Miss Jamie du Plessis Miss Jamie du Plessis
Mrs Paige du Plessis Mrs Paige du Plessis
(intern) Emily du Plessis (intern) Emily du Plessis
Mrs Jacqui du Preez Mrs Jacqui du Preez
Mrs Margie Dwyer Mrs Margie Dwyer
Mrs Primrose Dyobo Mrs Primrose Dyobo
Ms Michelle Edgcumb Ms Michelle Edgcumbe
Mr Dave Evans (Broll) Mr Dave Evans (Broll)
Mrs Sarah Ferreira Mrs Sarah Ferreira
Mrs Pamela Forde Mrs Pamela Forde
Mr Mathew Francis Mr Mathew Francis
Mrs Monique Galliers-Ward Mrs Monique Galliers-Ward
Mrs Heather Goedeke Mrs Heather Goedeke
Mrs Agnita Grey Mrs Agnita Grey
Mr Johan Grobler Mr Johan Grobler
Mrs Silvia Grunow Mrs Silvia Grunow
Miss Simoné Haggard Miss Simoné Haggard
Ms Jennifer Harrison Ms Jennifer Harrison
Mrs Tory Hathorn Mrs Tory Hathorn
Ms Nelia Heynecke Ms Nelia Heynecke
Mrs Lynne Holdcroft Mrs Lynne Holdcroft
(intern) Leigh-Anne Holland (intern) Leigh-Anne Holland
Mrs Carmen Jacobsz Mrs Carmen Jacobsz
Mrs Charmaine Jansen Mrs Charmaine Jansen
Mrs Marian Jayes Mrs Marian Jayes
Ms Estelle Jordaan Ms Estelle Jordaan
Mrs Lavina Kast Mrs Lavina Kast
Mrs Bianca Kearns Mrs Bianca Kearns
Mrs Winnie Khumalo Mrs Winnie Khumalo
Mr Michael Khuzwayo Mr Michael Khuzwayo
Mrs Sandy Kimble Mrs Sandy Kimble
Mrs Corinne King Mrs Corinne King
Mrs Marika Kleyn Mrs Marika Kleyn
Mrs Merci Kweyama Mrs Merci Kweyama
Mrs Toni Landman Mrs Toni Landman
Mrs Chantal Langley Mrs Chantal Langley
Mrs Anthea Large Mrs Anthea Large
Mr Aslam Latib Mr Aslam Latib
Mrs Jacci Lewis Mrs Jacci Lewis
Ms Kelley Litkie Ms Kelley Litkie
Mr Mbongeni Maphumulo Mr Mbongeni Maphumulo
Mrs Helen McCready Mrs Helen McCready
Mr Gary McIver Mr Gary McIver
Mrs Zuziwe Mdladla Mrs Zuziwe Mdladla
Mrs Sue Meehan Mrs Sue Meehan
Ms Bell Meek Ms Bell Meek
Mr Nhlanhla Mhlongo Mr Nhlanhla Mhlongo
Mr Michael Mngadi Mr Michael Mngadi
Mr Nkosi Mngadi Mr Nkosi Mngadi
Mrs Jeanine Montocchio Mrs Jeanine Montocchio
Mr Samkelwe Mthambeki Mr Samkelwe Mthambeki
Mrs Marla Nadasen Mrs Marla Nadasen
Ms Marla Nadasen Ms Marla Nadasen
Mrs Sershni Naidoo Mrs Sershni Naidoo
Ms Parvathy Naidu Ms Parvathy Naidu
Ms Erin Naudé Ms Erin Naudé
Mrs Nwabisa Ndiki Mrs Nwabisa Ndiki
Mrs Stella Ngcobo Mrs Stella Ngcobo
Mr Nkosi Ngibi Mr Nkosi Ngibi
(intern) June Ngubeni (intern) June Ngubeni
Mrs Megan Nicolson Mrs Megan Nicolson
Mrs Doris Nonzaliseko Mrs Doris Nonzaliseko
(intern) Emma Pennefather (intern) Emma Pennefather
Mrs Fiona Pentecost Mrs Fiona Pentecost
Mrs Melany Potgieter Mrs Melany Potgieter
Mr Vikash Raghunandan Mr Vikash Raghunandan
Mrs Tamára Ridgway Mrs Tamára Ridgway
Mr Wayne Schwartz Mr Wayne Schwartz
Mrs Carol Scrowther Mrs Carol Scrowther
Mrs Angela Scruby Mrs Angela Scruby
Mrs Lesley Small Mrs Lesley Small
Miss Courtney Smit (Broll) Miss Courtney Smit (Broll)
Mrs Carol-Anne Stephenson Mrs Carol-Anne Stephenson
Mrs Shirley Theron Mrs Shirley Theron
Ms Shirley Theron Ms Shirley Theron
(intern) Shenae Thompson (intern) Shenae Thompson
Mrs Tiffany Thorne Mrs Tiffany Thorne
Mrs Noreen Tweddell Mrs Noreen Tweddell
Mrs Lynne van Dellen Mrs Lynne van Dellen
Mrs Wilma van Niekerk Mrs Wilma van Niekerk
Mrs Jeanine van Rensburg Mrs Jeanine van Rensburg
Mrs Sue Verster Mrs Sue Verster
Ms Wendy Watson Ms Wendy Watson
(intern) Bianca Weir (intern) Bianca Weir
Mrs Angela White Mrs Angela White
(intern) Emma Widdicombe (intern) Emma Widdicombe
Mrs Claire Wilkinson Mrs Claire Wilkinson
Miss Alison Wilson Miss Alison Wilson
Mrs Melanie Wilson Mrs Melanie Wilson
Mrs Lynne Wyatt-Minter Mrs Lynne Wyatt-Minter
Executive Head: Mrs Marianne Bailey
Head of Senior Primary: Ms Wendy Laatz
Bursar:Mrs Jeanine Montocchio
Head of High School: Mrs Heather Goedeke
Head of Junior Primary:Mrs Carol-Anne Conradie
Head of Academics: HSMrs Marika Kleyn

Heads of Department

SportMs Bell Meek
Senior PrimaryMrs Bev Campbell

Music Staff

High SchoolMrs Nicola Early
Head of Music and Senior Primary Music SpecialistMs Dana Hadjiev
Junior PrimaryMrs Sue Verster

College House Boarding & Functions

College House MotherMrs Lesley Small
Kitchen StaffMrs Primrose Dyobo
Kitchen StaffMr Nhlanhla Mhlongo
Kitchen StaffMr Samkelwe Mthambeki
Kitchen StaffMrs Nwabisa Ndiki
Functions AssistantMrs Doris Nonzaliseko

IT Department

IT ManagerMr Denzil Curtis
IT TechnicianMiss Sinazo Jafta
IT TechnicianMr Aslam Latib
IT TechnicianMr Caleb Govender

FM & Support Staff

Facilities ManagerMr Levin Ramsamy (Broll)
FM StaffMr Michael Mngadi
FM StaffMr Nkosi Ngibi
FM StaffMr Nkosi Mngadi
School MessengerMr Michael Cibane
School DriverMr Mbongeni Maphumulo


Marketing ManagerMs Kelley Litkie
Marketing AssistantMiss Chérise Nepaul

Head of Grade

Grade 8Ms Jennifer Harrison
Grade 9Mrs Carol-Anne Stephenson
Grade 10Mrs Bronwen Beekman
Grade 11Mrs Tracy Taylor
Grade 12Mrs Fiona Pentecost

Sports Department

High SchoolMs Bell Meek
Mrs Loreen Doherty-Bigara
Senior PrimaryMrs Jacqui du Preez
Junior PrimaryMs Wilma van Niekerk

Academic Support Staff

Laboratory AssistantMr Mathew Francis
School NurseSr Sandra Cary
AftercareMrs Carol Scrowther
JP Assistant/After-CareMrs Lavina Kast

Exchange Co-Ordinator

Exchange Co-OrdinatorMrs Sue Meehan

Financial Support Staff

Assistant BursarMrs Bianca Kearns
PA to BursarMrs Pamela Forde
CreditorsMs Gorete Cipriano
DebtorsMrs Lynne Holdcroft
HR/SalariesMrs Jeanine van Rensburg

Part Time

HS EnglishMrs Lynne Wyatt-Minter
HS Information TechnologyMr Brendan van der Merwe
HS MathsMs Robyn McQueen
HS EMS/GeographyMrs Rose Deppe
HS ZuluMrs Sershni Naidoo
SP ArtMrs Terri Langton


High SchoolJenny Bolton
Fathima Ismail
Amanda Manzini
Pamela Maphumulo
Dawn Schutte
Junior PrimaryChristine Hodgkinson
Swadhiya Maharaj
Frances Oliver
Senior PrimaryBongi Bhiya
Sithembile Dlamini
Sphe Gumede
Londeka Ngcobo
Tamryn Reed

Admin Support Staff

PA to Executive Head HSMrs Melanie Bruwer
ReceptionMrs Dalene Richards
Database AdministratorMs Tracy Sugden
AdmissionsMiss Annie Nurcombe
SP Admin & TeacherMrs Silvia Grunow
JP AdminMrs Rene Bowyer
Library/Office AssistantMrs Merci Kweyama
Printing/PhotocopyingMr Michael Khuzwayo

Teaching Staff

Mrs Sue Ausmeier
Mrs Bronwen Beekman
Mrs Dorinda Bolton
Mrs Julianne Boonzaaier
Mrs Julie Bresler
Mrs Belinda Brodie
Mrs Bev Campbell
Mrs Karen Campbell-Gillies
Ms Shirley Chapman
Mrs Dale Charter
Mrs Kate Collins
Mrs Les Coull
Mrs Mercia de Welzen
Mrs Lesley Deg
Mrs Rose Deppe (PT)
Mrs Loreen Doherty-Bigara
Mrs Jamie Dunbar
Mrs Paige du Plessis
Mrs Jacqui du Preez
Mrs Nicola Early
Mrs Aliki Edgcumbe
Ms Michelle Edgcumbe
Mrs Norma Minter-Brown
Mrs Monique Galliers-Ward
Miss Catherine Grainger
Ms Dana Hadjiev
Miss Simoné Haggard
Ms Jennifer Harrison
Mrs Tory Hathorn
Mrs Samantha Hogan
Mrs Leigh-Anne Honeywell
Mrs Carmen Jacobsz
Mrs Charmaine Jansen
Ms Estelle Jordaan
Ms Claire Keyworth
Mrs Marika Kleyn
Mrs Tatiana Kotze
Mrs Toni Landman
Mrs Chantal Langley
Mrs Terri Langton (PT)
Mrs Jacci Lewis
Mrs Helen McCready
Mr Gary McIver
Ms Robyn McQueen (PT)
Mrs Zuziwe Mdladla
Ms Bell Meek
Mrs Sershni Naidoo (PT)
Mrs Parvathy Naidu
Ms Erin Naudé
Mrs Stella Ngcobo
Mrs Megan Nicolson
Mrs Fiona Pentecost
Mrs Melany Potgieter
Ms Tamryn Price
Mr Vikash Raghunandan
Mrs Tamára Ridgway
Ms Monique Tee
Mrs Angela Scruby
Miss Nadine Smith
Mrs Carol-Anne Stephenson
Mrs Tracy Taylor
Mrs Tiffany Thorne
Mrs Wilma van Niekerk
Mr Brendan van der Merwe (PT)
Mrs Janet-Marié Venter
Mrs Sue Verster
Ms Wendy Watson
Mrs Angela White
Mrs Claire Wilkinson
Mrs Lynne Wyatt-Minter (PT)
Mrs Thandi Zondo
Ms Hlengiwe Zwane

Class Teachers

Grade 12MMrs Helen McCready
Grade 12 NaMrs Parvathy Naidu
Grade 12NiMrs Megan Nicolson
Grade 12PMrs Melany Potgieter
Grade 11HaMiss Simoné Haggard
Grade 11HnMrs Samantha Hogan
Grade 11RagMr Vikash Raghunandan
Grade 11RiMrs Tamára Ridgway
Grade 10JaMrs Charmaine Jansen
Grade 10JzMrs Carmen Jacobsz
Grade 10KMrs Tatiana Kotze
Grade 10WMrs Wendy Watson
Grade 9LMrs Toni Landman
Grade 9SMiss Nadine Smith
Grade 9TMrs Tiffany Thorne
Grade 9VMrs Janet-Marie Venter
Grade 8BMrs Loreen Doherty-Bigara
Grade 8EMrs Aliki Edgcumbe
Grade 8MMrs Zuziwe Mdladla
Grade 8SMrs Monique Tee
Grade 7BMrs Julie Bresler
Grade 7KMs Claire Keyworth
Grade 6BMrs Julianne Boonzaaier
Grade 6JMs Estelle Jordaan
Grade 5DMrs Mercia de Welzen
Grade 5FMrs Norma Minter-Brown
Grade 4CMrs Dale Charter
Grade 4GMrs Monique Galliers-Ward
Grade 3BMrs Belinda Brodie
Grade 3PMs Tamryn Price
Grade 2LMrs Chantal Langley
Grade 2SMrs Angela Scruby
Grade 1CMrs Kate Collins
Grade 1DMrs Paige du Plessis
Grade RDMrs Jamie Dunbar
Grade RGMiss Catherine Grainger
Grade 00Mrs Lesley Deg