Old Girls’ Outreach


The Durban Girls’ College two Nursery Schools – Enkuliso in Lamontville and Ekujabuleni in Kwa-Mashu were established over 69 and 56 years ago respectively.

Durban Girls’ College is very proud of these two Nursery schools and of their headmistresses as they are run completely independently of Durban Girls’ College. Both schools are situated in very poor communities and we are proud to say that the children that attend these schools not only receive two meals a day, but are also very fortunate to benefit from dedicated teachers and to enjoy happy hours in the well equipped playgrounds.

The schools charge their pupils fees of R100 per month. They also receive a monthly welfare grant of R8/R10 per child per day. They pay their own teachers’ salaries, and have a staff of ten teachers per school. Durban Girls’ College Old Girls’ committee reward the teachers with cash donations at Christmas time, but are not involved in the day to day running of the schools.

Ekujabuleni has 180 children attending school this year, and Enkuliso has 173 children in total. We are especially pleased with Enkuliso as they have raised their numbers considerably. We have noticed a definite benefit from the training courses to which we have sent the teachers.

We have spent most of our money over the last three years on teacher training and development. Sue Goldberg and NELRU have trained the teachers and done many hours of follow up at both schools. The Old Girls’ committee has also bought two mobile pine libraries for each school. We have donated some books but are always looking for more and relevant books for the children. We are now following up by encouraging the teachers to tell stories using the books. We feel very strongly that “reading is everything” as far as an education goes and it is our wish to instil a love of reading and of books from a very early age. The training of the teachers is very evident in the schools. The routine is more structured and the children are definitely benefitting.

Costs at these schools area always a problem and we encourage the teachers to collect fees from their parents. We are still determined to establish vegetable gardens at both schools so that the daily meals for the children can be supplemented from their own gardens.

Durban Girls’ College will continue involving these two Nursery Schools in their outreach programmes. The Grade 11 school girls willingly street- collect for us each year, and the school continues to send vegetables to the two schools each week. The Old Girls will continue to hold the bridge drive each year in aid of these two schools. We are most grateful for all the support we receive from both the school and the wider school community in supporting these schools.

Jann Nichol – Nursery Schools’ chairlady