DGC has a simple uniform comprising a green dress which is worn during summer and winter.

Girls are expected to be correctly dressed at all times.

Hats are worn when girls are in any public place.
Jerseys are only worn outside the school by Grade 1 and 2 pupils.
Blazers are a compulsory item of the uniform Grade 3 upwards.
Blazers must always be worn with the buttons done up.
Tracksuit tops may not be worn with the school dress.
The collar of the dress must be worn outside the jersey and the blazer.

After sports activities girls must leave school in full school uniform or the correct team kit (with a blazer and a hat) or a College tracksuit and tackies.

All items listed on the Uniform List must be clearly marked with the owner’s name.

Girls are expected to be responsible for their own property.

Borrowing and lending of possessions is strictly forbidden.

Hair ribbons or narrow Alice bands must be black and plain; slides must be black, brown or silver; bobbles must be black or brown. Discreet black scrunchies may be worn. No large bows are allowed.

Hair must be neat. No tints or dyes allowed. Long hair must be tied back if it touches the collar and fringes must be cut to clear the eyebrows. Braids are permitted but must follow guidelines provided by the school. The school hat must fit comfortably over braided hair.

No jewellery, other than a plain watch, may be worn. (Black, brown, silver, gold or white.)

No ear studs may be worn.

No body piercings are allowed.

Fingernails must be kept short, well manicured and free of nail varnish.