The English Olympiad is a National competition that drew over 8000 entries this year. The aim is to enrich pupils through the study of English and to encourage critical thinking and creative writing. This year’s theme was: Language, Literature and Laughter. 78 College girls from Grades 10, 11 &12 wrote the examination on the 4 March. We are very proud to announce that three DGC girls were placed in the top 100 candidates: Sana Salduker (16th), Caitlin McIntosh (68th) and Jade Peterson (92nd). Candidates who ranked between 4th and 20th positions will receive cash prizes, books and book vouchers and those in the top 50 receive free tuition scholarships for their first year of study at Rhodes university … Sana, in 16th position benefits in both of these categories!

English Alive
English Alive is an anthology of High School writing that is published every year by The South African Council for English Education. Creative pieces from two DGC girls will be published in the 2014 edition: Sarah Kitching’s poem, “Okay, my dear” and Jordyn Lishman’s essay: “The bucket”.