Vision, Mission and Values

Mission Statement for Durban Girls’ College

Durban Girls’ College is a Christian School that inspires girls to realise their potential through a unique educational journey built on tradition, innovation, diversity and excellence aimed at enriching our world.

As a school we:

  • Stand firm on the Christian foundation our founders laid.
  • Strive to innovate in all aspects of education.
  • Strive to give every girl the opportunity to excel in her particular passion.
  • Seek to involve parents in their daughters’ education journey.
  • Build resilience in all of our girls, recognising that adversity and setbacks are part of the learning process.
  • Value the integrity, professionalism and commitment of our staff.
  • Embrace diversity and the richness this brings to our school.

We teach our girls:

  • To understand that a privileged education comes with the responsibility to contribute to society.
  • To be emotionally intelligent, physically fit and environmentally aware.
  • To work hard to succeed and to celebrate the successes of others.
  • To strongly, yet appropriately voice their opinions.
  • That choices come with consequences that need to be carefully considered.

Our teachers:

  • Strive to be inspirational architects of our girls’ lives.
  • Are excited lifelong teachers.
  • Work collaboratively and as talented individuals.
  • Take seriously the responsibility of nurturing young lives.
  • Embrace the values that this school espouses.

Strapline: “A unique educational journey”