International Education

At DGC we recognise the importance of international educational travel for developing globally aware young people. As such, we encourage our girls to participate in an at least one international educational programme during their time in the high school. Through learning about other cultures, moving out of their comfort zones and reflecting on their experiences, our girls become more thoughtful young women, better able to understand the complexities of global issues and to work in multinational teams. Our International Education Programme has two components: a Grade 10 exchange programme and a variety of international educational opportunities available for Grades 10-12.

Grade 10 Exchange Programme

We share reciprocal exchange agreements with schools in Canada, the USA, Argentina, Scotland, England, Hong Kong, Australia and Namibia. In addition, our girls participate in the FSA Youth Exchange programme between South Africa and Germany. We also have a number of local exchange agreements with South African high schools. All exchange programmes are between 3-6 weeks long and may be either in boarding or in a homestay. In return our girls and their families host their exchange partner for the same amount of time.

The selection of candidates into the programme is based on, but not limited to, the following criteria:

  • Maturity
  • Attitude
  • Character
  • Academic abilities

Exchange students need to be organised, independent young women with the flexibility to adapt to new situations and environments and be excellent ambassadors for DGC.

Other International Educational Travel Opportunities (Grades 10-12)

Most of these international educational trips are available during school holidays and vary from year to year. Regular opportunities include:

  • International youth leadership summits
  • Language immersion programmes
  • Cultural and special interest tours
  • International university tours

For more information please contact our Exchange coordinator, Christine McGladdery,