College Quarters

The Durban Girls’ College Parents’ Association raises funds for an in-reach programme named COLLEGE QUARTERS. This initiative began in 2015 in order to assist parents of pupils who cannot afford to participate in a school tour – be it a grade tour, a cultural tour, or a sports tour.

The concept began being four specific functions a year to raise money for COLLEGE QUARTERS and has evolved to the present position where the DGC PA donates one quarter of any funds raised to this in-reach fund.

The executive management of the school determines the eligibility of the parents requiring assistance with the funding of a school tour. This information is confidential to the executive management of the school and is not disclosed to any member of the DGC PA.

The funds raised for COLLEGE QUARTERS is held in a separate bank account by the DGC PA and may only be used for the above mentioned purposes unless agreed upon by the DGC PA and the executive management of the school.