Code of Conduct

Our school regulations are based on the three principles of common sense, courtesy and consideration for others.

College acknowledges and respects the rights of the individual, student, teacher and parent.  College expects the individual to respect the right of the school to provide an environment in which all can teach, learn and grow.

The following code of conduct will ensure that environment.


1. College girls are expected to be courteous and considerate in all their dealings with other persons.

2. The highest standards of truthfulness, honesty and integrity are expected from College girls in all circumstances.

3. College girls are expected to show their loyalty to College by tidiness of person, correctness of uniform and by good behaviour at all times and in all places.

4. They are expected to exercise great care in looking after their own belongings, other people’s and College property (including money, the buildings and grounds) and to make good any damage or loss.